Riak 1.3.0 dev cluster on Ubuntu 12.x

Riak 1.3.0 is out and I decided that I would rather have my dev cluster on a stable linux box rather than an OS/x laptop.

I took https://github.com/xing/riak-dev-cluster as a starting point. This repo provides a way to install a riak dev cluster on OS/x.

My modifications to build and run a dev cluster on Ubuntu 12.x are at https://github.com/nopolabs/riak-dev-cluster

I added a couple rake tasks:
rake bind_all
to bind to all IPs ( and
rake bind_local
to bind to localhost (, convenient for me since I still want to do client development on my laptop.

I needed to edit the app.config files for the riak servers to change the IP bindings. These files contain Erlang terms, and I found a script that could be used to update them (http://adamschepis.com/blog/2011/08/25/a-script-to-update-riak-config-files/). But I ended up using sed and regular expressions to get the job done. Learning Erlang is still somewhere in the future for me 😉

You might find https://github.com/hectcastro/vagrant-riak-cluster an interesting alternative. It uses Vagrant to a riak cluster on virtualboxes.

You will need to have an erlang development installed to build riak:

sudo apt-get install erlang erlang-base erlang-tools erlang-appmon erlang-pman erlang-observer erlang-ic erlang-parsetools erlang-toolbar erlang-et erlang-mnesia erlang-debugger erlang-percept

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